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Spring cleaning: nobody really wants to, but we do it anyway.  Whether you’re organizing that hall closet that has become the catch-all of everything that we don’t  feel like putting away, or you’re tucked into a full-on Ikea-inspired living facelift: everyone seems to freshen up in spring.

But, when was that last time *you* freshened up your professional profile?

Are you still using that stiffly posed, but well lit, headshot from years back, and the collar on your suit leaves you looking a little dated? Or are you posting that selfie you snagged during golden hour and then used a photo enhancing software on your phone for your LinkedIn?

Whether you are considering looking for a few jobs, embarking on a new career, or just looking to update your social media profile images, it’s time to blow the dust off your old photos and get a new headshot!

Social media has not only changed the way we all do business, but it’s also changed the virtual face of business everywhere. Old, stilted, and overly posed images lack the authenticity that modern clients demand. People expect to see an executive headshot that represents who you are and gives them a hint of the quality of customer service you provide them. A Beck headshot will do precisely that!

Maybe you’re not quite to the executive stage of your career just yet and instead; you’re applying to colleges and for grant programs. More than ever, reviewers and admissions staff want to see who you are, they want to put a face with the name, so why not put your best face forward? Let’s get together and talk about what your future goals, and how a great headshot as part of your senior session can help support your efforts.

Retouching is something that people are often curious about. Yes, we do include retouching so you look your best!  Our approach to retouching images is to keep it natural, with corrections to hair and skin so that visible imperfections are softened. If you are putting off having your headshot because of a physicality you don’t want to showcase, please don’t! We are able to provide more extensive retouching or body shaping if desired. 

Of course, after years of working in New York, we’re also very familiar with the professional need of having up-to-date modeling and acting headshots for your website or for handing out to casting directors. We love either staying in the studio, (Cabotville Industrial Park) or heading to another great location to create headshots that accentuate your beauty, and character. We know how to create the right headshot that puts your best qualities on paper to help you land that next job!

Regardless of how you might use your new headshot to take those next steps in your journey, it’s undeniable that having a current, modern, and fantastic headshot will not only make you feel amazing, but it will showcase the best of you to the world.

So, this year, give yourself the gift of a little professional spring cleaning, grab the outfits that make you feel gorgeous, empowered, and confident, and give us a call: we’re ready!


  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Ali says:

    Beautiful work! You are so right, having a good headshot is super important!

    Since cell phones cameras are getting better, people think their cell headshot photos are good enough…you can always tell the difference though!!

  3. Allison says:

    Ohhh great points! I need to freshen up my headshots and branding photos!

    • Amy says:

      Very relevant! I love the variety of headshots that you posted. You definitely showed that headshots don’t have to be boring. They can showcase the individual.

  4. Shunta says:

    Great great points! Headshots are so important to have on your sites and for other reasons as well. Your shots are awesome by the way!!!

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