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High School Senior Model Reps

It’s Springtime!!!  One of the reasons I love Spring, is that I get to photograph my new team of High School Senior Models. I can’t help it,  I get excited about it every year.

The Senior Model process starts in January with the “Application.”  I post an online form on Facebook and Instagram for High School Juniors who are interested. After this gets filled out, they hit that submit button it gets emailed directly to me. Once received, my eyes always go to (in this order) Name, School, and then my favorite, the last paragraph, which describes why she will make a great spokesmodel for Beck Photo. I am always amazed and impressed at their accomplishments and talents!

In February, the consultations are held at our studio in Chicopee.  This is important for many reasons, one of them being that we are located in a very large, a bit strange, industrial building by the name of Cabotville Industrial Park. It’s great to come here before your session so you are not confused or lost on your photo day:)  During the consultation, we have snacks and go over all of the model program details. This is when I start to get a  feel for her personality and I get my first thoughts on what direction her session will take. (Classic, Urban, Fun, Dramatic, Colorful) Everyone is different and unique and I want to make sure their session captures who they truly are.

I’ve noticed over the years, that the girls who apply to be a high school senior model have some admirable characteristics in common. Adventurous, smart, fun, and mature are the first  words that come to mind.

It amazes me to see these young ladies blossoming and excited about what the future holds. They have an inner glow that makeup just can’t duplicate.  I truly love getting to meet them and having the privilege of creating their High School Senior Portraits and capturing their true essence.  These images are of Morgan from Belchertown High. My first 2018 model to be photographed, she crushed it! her beauty outside was matched  by her kind spirit inside.  It was a no stress, fun time photographing her and I can’t wait for her outdoor session when this New England weather gets nicer!!! #Seniors2018.



  1. Elizabeth Villani says:

    Move over Gisele! We have a fresh new face and figure to replace yours! What absolutely beautiful pictures Morgan!

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