Camera Ready Makeup

Are You Ready For Your Close-up?

On your photo session day, one of the most important details is your makeup application.  You want to look like yourself on your very best day!  I highly recommend having a professional application either by yours truly (me) or your favorite makeup artist/stylist. If you prefer to do your own makeup(some girls do) here are a few tips to help you prep for your big day.

  1. Makeup photographs 1-2 shades lighter, so you should always go a bit heavier then you would for everyday wear, like you would for a special event.
  2. Pay close attention to details, we have very sharp lenses that capture even the slightest makeup boo-boos. So take your time and focus.
  3. Use a low or non-spf foundation. Foundations with high spf can give off a white cast in your images especially with studio lighting.  Blend well!
  4. Be true to your natural beauty and choose the right shades. Make sure bronzer is not too orangey. Your blush color should be a natural peachy pink flush.
  5. Show your eyebrows some love. Full eyebrows are youthful and frame your eyes. Don’t go darker on them or it will look harsh, just fill in with a color that matches your natural brow color.
  6. The last thing I’ll mention is SLEEP. Be sure to have a good nights sleep before your photo day so you will look healthy, well rested, and glowing!

See you on set!

  1. Jessica Moore says:

    Elle and Kevin you do such a wonderful job! I can’t wait to see my daughters photos!

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